• UPS Manifest - Domestic\International shipments, UPS certified. Supports all special UPS contract services including: UPS Mail Inovations, UPS SurePost®, Pack and Collect, Returns Exchange.
  • Multiple Companies and Carrier Accounts (optional) - Ship for multiple companies with multiple carrier accounts for each company. Rate from any shipper location. Contact sales with inquires about "Freight+ MAXShipper" module.
  • FedEx Manifest - Domestic\International shipments. FedEx certified, FedEx Tech awards approved. Supports FedEx SmartPost®
  • Drop Ship - Setup permanent Drop-Ship address for each customer. The From: Address on label can change automatically based on customer account. Can rate by Drop-Ship location zipcode.
  • US Postal Manifest - Domestic\International USPS Manifest
  • Tracking # - Shipping $ and Carrier Service posts to your Sales Order\Invoice (for supported accounting systems)
  • Endicia.com - Print pre-paid US Postage when you link Freight+ to Endicia.com.
  • Multi-carrier - Can run as Standalone Shipping System for multiple carriers. Supports wide area netwoks.
  • Laser, Zebra and Eltron - Printers for both shipping tags and international documents.
  • Additional handling - added by a percentage or flat rate.
  • LTLBill of Lading - (BOL) Supports multiple LTL carriers. With Master BOL for consolidating orders into one Master BOL. Carrier Rates, discounts, FAK, minimums and rate shopping.
  • Background Processing - Orders are automatically shipped with no user screens. For shippers who want complete automation.
  • Track Shipment & Items in box - from Freight+ for UPS, FedEx, US Postal and LTL carriers
  • Carrier Select - Automatically select Carrier and service using Order "Ship Via" field. i.e.. "UPS GRNC"
  • Package Level Detail - Select item and quantities packed in each box. Split a line item quantities between different boxes. Automatically imports line item quanties, values, discounts, tax etc.
  • PIP- Private Insurance Plan. 50% insurance saving.
  • UPS Mail Inovations - Approved
  • Rate Shop Carriers (Compare rates for all carriers)
  • Mark up/down - Carriers rates by % $ for one or all customers
  • Packing Slip or Invoice- Print 4x6 tag packing slip/invoice with line item details, Qty Shipped, Item Description, Track #, Carrier, Box # etc.
  • Quote shipping - from "Order Entry" using your inventory weights.
  • Advanced Email Notification - w/package line items, Tracking #, Qty Shipped, Qty Back Ordered and links to tracking on carriers web site
  • Rules table - (Enter your companies shipping rules) i.e.. Order $ > $500.00 Shipping Free!
  • Commercial Invoice (Automatically extracts line items from your sales order and creates a Commercial Invoice)
  • Multi-user! - All workstations can access Freight Plus with no extra charge per seat.
  • AES SED, NAFTA,COO, POA. Fills out all International documents using your Sales Order Information. No user input required. aes Electronically transmist SED using your order line items with no user input.
  • SDK API (Software Development Kit) - The Freight+ SDK allows you to integrate Freigth+ into your software applications. Pops-up inside your applications with seamless integration.
  • Wide Area Networks (Multi Warehouse)
  • Real-Time - Shipping is NOT a batch interface! Orders are available to ship as they are entered.
  • Daily Shipping Log - Detailed shipping log for all carriers.
  • USPS Newgistics - Approved
  • Billing Types - Collect, Consignee, 3rd Party, Cost & Freight, FOB, VAT, Free Domicile. Set permanent billing types for each customer or have multiple billing accounts set for a customer.
  • Harmonized Codes Export lookups
  • Works with Windows, Terminal Servers, Ctrix, WebSevers, MS IIS
  • Address Correction - Automatically corrects city, state zip with no user input.






















UPS, FedEx, USPS, Airborne, Roadway, Saia Con-Way, Red Star, Viking, American, Yellow etc.


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Freight+ is a multi-carrier, multi-user shipping manifest system that runs inside your accounting system, externally linked or as a standalone product.

Standalone version links to ALL of our accounting partners so you can ship your orders without opening your accounting software.


Simple but powerful


  • Shipping Manifest
  • Uses line item details
  • Track shipmens & items
  • Rate Shop all Carriers
  • Time in Transit
  • Rate by ANY Origin ZIp
  • Email w\order line items
  • Hold\Release Shipment
  • Bill of Lading
  • SED Filing, NAFTA
  • Packing Slips or Invoices
  • Commercial Invoice
  • LTL Carriers
  • Multi-user
  • Back-Ground Process (No user screens).
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